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The Deposition Summaries Specialist

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Watch our explainer video for West Coast Paralegal Services and learn how the deposition summaries specialist can help you in less than 90 seconds.

We are West Coast Paralegal Services with the friendly URL address and moniker of DepoSums.com. We are also known as "The Deposition Summaries Specialist." Transcript summaries are what we do well and all we do. Our veteran team of legal summarizers has been assisting successful USA attorneys, corporate legal departments, and governmental entities, including the Department of Justice - the world's largest law office - since 1999.

Our online business is the #1 rated deposition summary service for a cost effective and intelligent way to outsource your deposition summaries.  Our trusted "bricks" business is West Coast Paralegal Services - located in Santa Cruz, California. 

At DepoSums.com our entire veteran team of American legal professionals has extensive deposition summaries experience. We have dealt with all types of tort claims and civil lawsuits. From intellectual property infringement, contract disputes, catastrophic oil rig accidents, Big Pharma litigation, elder abuse cases, to your neighborhood grocery store slip-and-fall, our team has seen it all. Fill out our contact form, leave your phone number and a preferred callback time at our green callback button or call our toll free number today. Let us assist you in achieving your goals.

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Fast Facts

West Coast Paralegal Services is the #1 rated online deposition summaries company in the USA. We are 100% transparent.
We provide:
  • Deposition summaries and legal documents summaries
  • Quick turnaround times including a RUSH option
  • Nationwide service for all successful law offices
  • Cost effective rates published on our site for full transparency
  • 10% off your first order in 2022 for exisiting and new clients
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