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Privacy Policy
Dear Existing and Potential Clients:

Our privacy policy at West Coast Paralegal Services and DepoSums.com is that we respect your privacy. We do not retain any information we capture for any other reason than to maintain a better one-on-one business-to-business relationship. We do not and will not monetize any data we collect. Nor will we bother you with unwanted marketing solicatations. Our experienced deposition summaries team will be here when you need us and we respect that you will know best when that need arises.

Our business has signed many a confidentiality agreement over the years, but much more often we have earned the trust of our clients, making those written agreements an optional exercise.

If you are clicking, "I agree with this privacy policy" anywhere on a web site and/or if that privacy policy is over 1,000 words then you can be sure of one thing, you are signing away your privacy. Read Facebook's Privacy Policy sometime if you would like to be informed in a frightening way. We should all be concerned about our privacy nowadays. Agreeing to a privacy policy is a red flag for what you may be entering into. Exercise caution before doing so.

Questions? I am always availabe for any questions or concerns you may have. Email me at KC@deposums.com anytime.


Kevin S. Cummings