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Take an additional 11% discount off our already low and transparent rates in 2022.  

Do you have a large, complex legal case? Not a problem

At West Coast Paralegal Services no case is too large or complex. Our experienced litigation team has the expertise you need to take a mountain of deposition transcripts and make it into a manageable asset. We offer significant discounts off our published rates for any case with 3,000 or more transcript pages. Call or email the deposition summaries specialist today for more details. 

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take." Wayne Gretzky

I was once at a San Francisco Giants baseball game when a literal buzz went through the crowd. The Great One, Wayne Gretzky, was in attendance that day, with his very pregnant and beautiful wife, Janet Jones, the blonde dancer of A Chorus Line fame. A good looking couple if ever there was one. Gretsky was never afraid to take his shots. And so it is with DepoSums.com in 2022. After a tough stretch for the USA and the world there is a buzz of optimism in the air. We are taking our shots in more than one way as the new normal becomes more like the old normal. Our deposition summaries service has long benefited from the lower costs of a work-from-home culture. My team is at the ready for you and your litigation preparedness needs. Let us assist you in scoring big in 2022. 

Welcome February, 2022

January has come and gone and I must say it was quite an interesting year - I mean month. We welcome February with a long overdue photograph change of me, Kevin Cummings, at our "About Us" page. If you haven't seen it yet give it a look see and see what you think. Much thanks to my photographer friend, Eric, for making me look my best before I had my two daily cups of coffee.  February is a month known for Groundhog Day, (My favorite Bill Murray movie, right up there with Lost in Translation), Valentine's Day, and Galentine's Day. It is also the month for the Super Bowl. While my beloved 49ers did not quite make it to the big game this year, I will still be rooting for the NFC West. Go Rams! And Happy February to one and all. We made it. Lets make it a good one. 

Topical Summaries Using Smart-Tech Software Now Available at DepoSums.com

Beginning January 21th, 2022 DepoSum.com is offering 21st Century topic-by-topic deposition summaries using cutting edge proprietary software developed by a California trial attorney, which he turned into a successful LLC software and internet company. The software has been developed to be used by other trial attorneys and deposition summaries companies like us, to create useful, concise deposition summaries at a fraction of the time needed for traditional summaries.  DepoSums.com has entered into a partnership with this company, the name of which we are keeping confidential for now. The additional good news is we are passing along those time savings for us to you in the form of dollar savings. We are so excited about this optional service that we are offering one free topical deposition summary to accompany any regular page-line deposition summary you order here at West Coast Paralegal Services. Topics must be communicated to us by the client in order to qualify. Contact us today for more information and stay tuned as this is a developing news story.

"Never mistake activity for accomplishment." John Wooden

John Wooden, the U.C.L.A. basketball coach has long been a mentor for me. Even after his passing, Wooden's Pyramid of Success serves as a template for me and my business. The year 2022 is off to a good start all things considered. Our long-time customers have remained loyal during a tough stretch in our world history and our new Google Ads campaign is working well with a new client from Sacramento added last week and another Texas client added yesterday to our workload. 2022 also marks the first year I have ventured into the video field. The creative process of running an online business is one of the primary reasons I enjoy working in the legal support services field. Explainer videos seem to be a necessity these days, so with the help of my talented team and a Santa Barbara radio DJ friend of mine we put one together. It is 85 seconds long and can be found on our Home page. If you have not seen it yet please take a look. We hope you find it of value. We also did our fourth web redesign in the twenty-three years we have been online. We think you will like the changes. It's a smoother and more mobile friendly navigation experience.

Not all activity leads to accomplishment. The key to success, as John Wooden knew, is to stick to the fundamentals. It is what helped the Wizard of Westwood win 10 NCAA National Championships in twelve years and it is what has made this company, the deposition summaries specialist. Thanks for stopping in. When you need a deposition summaries team that is well coached and sticks to the fundamentals, give us a call.  

DepoSums.com passes four million transcript pages summarized

William Shakespeake was quoted as saying, "Things done well and with care, exempt themselves from fear." When I took West Coast Paralegal Services online in 1999, I had no idea we would one day surpass summarizing 1 million pages of legal transcripts.  Four million pages would have been inconceivable. Yet in just over two decades that is exactly what we have achieved. A milestone worth noting in 2021 but no reason to rest on our laurels. We live in challenging times and 2022 will likely be no different. May the next 12 months be safe, healthy, and prosperous ones for you and yours. Thanks-you to all my past, current, and future clients as well as my veteran legal team for making a far off dream become a reality. 

DepositionSummaries.com is now forwarding to DepoSums.com

Patience is its own reward, the URL name depositionsummaries.com is now part of the DepoSums.com family. Good things come to those who wait and so it is with this coveted URL address. Whether you type in DepoSums.com or DepositionSummaries.com you will land on the web site of West Coast Paralegal Services - The Deposition Summaries Specialist. Easy to remember and always easy to find. Just a click away to help you start saving time and money today.